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Growing Up!
I’ve always had trouble dealing with vines.  A big part of the problem has been that I didn’t have suitable structures on which to support them. Until this year, I haven’t had any fences for training vines, and although I’ve occasionally purchased small pillars or trellises, I’ve never had any that I really loved.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up this spring and found myself married to a welder! My husband, Peter, has long wanted to learn to weld to make sculptures. Last year, he set up a shop in the garage, and he started with those. Below, he’s discussing one of the boat sculptures he created of a friend’s Nonsuch sailboat at a recent show in Chestertown.


Happily, he was also interested in making garden sculpture. I wanted to share pictures of the pieces he has made for me thus far.


This trellis is 8 feet tall and was made from the steel rounds left from two half whiskey barrels. The smaller circles are from another wooden container I had that also rotted. At the top is one of the first boats he designed. I displayed it in a houseplant until he took it away to re-use. Fortunately I got it back!


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