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Today, I would like to testify that my greenhouse/potting shed has been clean for 24 hours. I have recorded that stunning fact in two pictures, one from each end. Since this is the epicenter of my garden, home to everything from tools to all things green,  it only happens a couple of times a year. Alas the cleanliness can’t last.


In the off season, I use the greenhouse to overwinter tender perennials in pots and as cuttings. It’s also the winter home of houseplants that either don’t fit into the house anymore or need cooler conditions than our house offers. (Clivias are an example: To bloom well, they need a cool, dry dormancy. I can do dry indoors, but 40°F is another story.) Add to that starting seeds, nursing on divisions, holding plants for plant sales, and you have the general picture.


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