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I just spent a tiring, yet delightful, afternoon working on Kent County’s newest Community Garden. A little over a week ago, the garden was simply a fenced field on the north side of a sheep pasture at Victory Farm, located just outside Chestertown. Today, we have a straw-bale cold frame planted with lettuce, spinach, and mesclun (all sewn about 10 days ago), plus tilled beds and amended soil ready for warm-season crops to come. We also have mulched fence lines that will reduce the need to trim, a herb garden, a swing set ready to support sugar snap peas, and room for growing perennials to offer for sale at Master Gardener and other charity plant sales.


ABOVE: Preparing the main beds in the garden.

The plan is to grow some produce for ourselves, but to donate most of what we produce to needy area families .



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