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We have had some great weather for working out in the garden this spring. In the interest of getting in shape for the season and getting some work done, I have spend a couple of hours a day getting beds cleaned up for spring. Today, I nearly finished cutting back the old foliage on my hellebores, a task that ensures that flowers show to best effect.Ā  My beds in the backyard are more protected than the front, and the plants are in full bloom on this last day of February.

Gryff helped the hellebore effort throughout. He wasn’t as interested in supervising cutting the old foliage off my epimediums. For once, I got to this task before the flowers started to emerge, so shearing was a cinch.

Hellebores and snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) make perfect spring companions.

Clipping away last year’s leaves helps show off the flowers to best effect.

I have seen single snakes in early spring before, but this year I found two curled up next to where I was working.


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