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Soil isn’t the sexiest topic for a blog post, but it’s been on my mind quite a bit of late. Part of the reason is I just finished editing/rewriting an e-book on composting for a client, and the organic matter in compost is at the heart of great garden soil. I’ve also had conversations with several friends and gardeners about soil recently. (Yes, I am the nerd that sits under an umbrella at a pool party and talks compost and compost making with fellow gardeners.) So, it’s no surprise that I’ve been thinking about my own composting efforts and the state of my soil’s organic matter.


Above: A stockpile of chopped leaves for amending soil and mulching at Mt. Cuba Center in Greenville, Delaware.

Building Healthy Soil
Since healthy soil is the key to having a successful garden, understanding a bit about what’s going on down there is helpful. I could actually sum up a post about soil improvement in a single sentence: Add organic matter as often as possible. It’s that simple. You really can’t add too much organic matter. Plus, that statement applies to soil improvement everywhere, not just here on the Eastern Shore. In my garden, I mostly add it by amending soil when planting and by mulching with organic matter such as composted wood chips or chopped leaves. I also compost religiously, although I don’t have fast, hot compost piles that need turning regularly.


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