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I drove by a neighbor’s house about a week ago and noticed that his magnolia was in bloom. This wasn’t just a bloom or two, either. The tree was really celebrating all the recent rains we’ve had with a real crop of showy pink flowers. (And that’s before we braced ourselves for Hurricane Irene!) When I saw pink magnolia petals on my own deck later in the day, I knew the second half of the summer season had finally arrived.


Above: Marigolds, like Tagetes ‘Taishan’, will bloom through heat and drought into the Second Season and right past the first light fall frosts, provided spent flowers are removed regularly.

Gardeners who moved down to the Eastern Shore from the north, like I did, commonly don’t think of the growing season as having two parts. Even native Southerners aren’t always aware of them. For gardeners, though, thinking about a two-part growing season makes sense, and there are decided advantages for gardeners who do. (more…)

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