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As the holidays approach, I wanted to post information about a wonderful new tool that has recently earned a place in my permanent arsenal. I first read about it in my friend Nancy Ondra’s blog, http://hayefield.com/ in a recent post of her’s titled Shear Genius. Nancy doesn’t post about anything that is not up to snuff, and I ordered a pair right away. I’ve now had a chance for a garden test, and they do not disappoint.


Cutting back clumps of perennials has always been a tedious chore, but my new pair of Jakoti Hand Shears makes it easy. Just grasp the clump (or at least part of it) in one hand and chop with the other. The blades are made of carbon steel, and the shears have a heavy, well-made feel in hand. (The picture above doesn’t quite do the shears  justice, since it involved holding a camera in one hand.) See Nancy’s blog for more pictures and information about the tool. (Note that I am not getting any kind of kickback for my endorsement!)

Nancy’s brother Tim brought them to her attention.  In addition to playing ice hockey and training goalkeepers, he has been a professional gardener for over 25 years. He was so impressed by these English-made shears, he is selling them. (They aren’t available otherwise in this country.) They cost $58, including shipping. To order, contact him at http://jakotihandshears.com/

Think about ordering a pair for yourself or for a gardening friend. You won’t regret adding them to your arsenal.

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I spent an hour or so cleaning up the garden this afternoon. As I was pulling up the first of the winter weeds and cutting back chrysanthemums, I heaved all the debris onto an ordinary green tarp that I have used again and again this year. Since it has become one of my favorite tools this year, I thought I should write a few words about it.


My tarp is nothing special.  The one I use is about 6 feet by 8 feet. It is big enough to collect a fair amount of garden debris, but not so large that it gets heavy or cumbersome to pull along the ground, which is the method I use for transporting whatever I’ve collected to the compost pile.


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